Generating reports

ABC PMP Documentation - 7/01/2011 3:03 PM
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The Reports tab is only accessible to Admin and Management level users.

To generate reports, click on the 'Reports' tab. Two boxes will appear, 'Activity' and 'Review'.

To view all branch activity, click 'Branch Activity'.
From the screen that appears, you choose a branch, and have the option of either generating a report from between two dates, or have all the existing projects in the report, by clicking 'clear' next to the dates.|
To make the report, click 'Generate Report'.
You can then click on any of the projects listed, and a list of when the report was opened and edited will appear, with dates.

To view history of a single project, click 'Project History'.
Choose a branch, select a project, and use dates and generate report as above.

To view projects that need to be reviewed, click 'Project Review Report'.
Follow same instructions as with 'Branch Activity', and the report generated will list the projects to be reviewed.
Click 'Select' next to a project to review and edit the project.

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