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ABC PMP Documentation - 20/01/2011 10:49 AM
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The Settings tab is only accessible to Admin and Settings level users.

The Settings tab allows you to access and modify various system settings, as well as add and deactivate certain levels and staff members.

To Setup Locations, click on that title, which will bring you to the Locations page. From here you can add in a new location, with it's latitude and longtitude.
To find the latitude and longtitude, click 'Help' next to those boxes.
After adding these details, click Save, and your new Location is saved. To edit other locations, click 'Select' next to their name on the list, make changes, and save.

To Deactivate a location, click 'Select' next to it's name, un-check the 'active' box, and save.  The deactivated location will disappear from the default view, but it is possible to access it by changing the "Viewing" dropdown to "Deactivated" or "All".

The other selections under the Settings tab use the sames methods to view, edit, add and deactivate.

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