Using the Scanner

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Scanning is simple. The big button triggers the laser. Position the laser so that it covers the entire barcode, plus some “slack” either end, and a small beep and a green flash should indicate a successful read.

  • Not scanning at all? Make sure the red line covers the entire barcode and some extra either end. You do not need to scan the barcode precisely. Make sure the barcode is flat.
  • Taking a while to scan? Try holding the scanner at 45° about 3 – 4 inches (8cm) from the barcode for best reading.
  • Not getting a beep? Try pressing the big button for ten seconds. This toggles the audio on the scanner.

Deleting a scan

You can delete scans as well. To do this, press the small "-" button behind the big button, which will trigger the laser. Position the laser so that it covers the entire barcode you want to delete, and a beep will indicate a successful deletion. By having you scan the barcode again, this prevents accidental deletions.

However, the system is smart enough to correct for many simple mistakes, such as scanning stop twice, scanning the same patient in a group session, etc.

  • To delete the entire scanner’s memory (say your kid got a hold of it) hold the delete button for 10 seconds until you hear the beep.

Scanner memory

To answer a few common questions:

  • YES the barcode scanner’s memory lasts overnight. If you can’t upload at the end of a day you can upload at the beginning of the next day
  • The barcode scanner has a clock, so it knows the date & time you scan patients, meaning you don’t have to enter this data yourself!


The scanner will indicate low batteries by blinking the light red while trying to scan a barcode. Please contact your department's ABC administrator to receive a replacement scanner. If you change the batteries yourself, please make sure you initialise the scanner to set the clock! To do this, perform an upload and it will ask you whether you want to initialise the scanner.


Please use a soft, clean cloth. Do not use any solvent, such as alcohol, or any abrasive substances.

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