Generating reports

ABC AMT Documentation - 1/02/2011 12:50 PM
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To generate a list of assets, courses, maintenances, repairs or barcodes from the system, click the 'Reports' tab.
Click the type of report you wish to generate, say assets, then choose one of the titles under this heading.
From here, you can choose from the dropdown box to narrow down the results in the report.  For example, select 'Asset Under Management Report', choose a financial type, say 'Consumable', and select the the order you wish your report to fall in, say from cheapest to most expensive, so select 'Price'. Then click on 'Select Date' to choose two dates, and the report will only contain selections between those dates.
Then click  and the report will appear below.  You can print straight from the browser by clicking the print icon, or export to Excel or PDF.

To create barcode sheets for scanning, in Reports, click on Barcodes Report.  Then choose which type of barcodes you want from the drop-down box, and click 'Generate Report'.  Then export into excel, re-format if necessary, and print.

When generating barcodes for scanning, make sure barcodes are at least font size 16, or they will not scan.

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