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In 'Settings' you can view and edit assets, uploaded data, manufacturers, locations, courses, staff details and participant details. You can also view License details and report settings.

The SQL Script page is for the ABC support team.

To use the editor, for example for Staff Members, click 'Staff Members' from the Settings menu.  Then enter a code, payroll number, Name, location, user level, username and password. After clicking 'Save' a barcode will be automatically generated for the new staff member.  When creating a new staff member, a password is required. When editing existing staff members, only enter a password if you wish to change it.

Remember when creating anything new for barcoding, you will need to re-print your scan sheet by going into reports, generating the barcode report, exporting into excel and printing.

The only exception to the above creation procedure is the "Asset Locations" page, which behaves slightly differently.  You initially need to select an asset from the list on the left - you may need to change the "Staff" dropdown to "All", since the list defaults to only showing assets you have used before.  Once you have selected the asset, select the location from the dropdown list and click "Add & Save"

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