Feature List


Data Entry

  • Entry using barcode scanners
  • Entry online, with
    • Grid calendar mode
    • Outlook calendar mode
    • Keyboard entry mode (optimised for keyboard entry)
  • Staff members can have their diaries auto-approved or can require manager to approve


  • Activity measures are time & count of attendances
  • Split by receiving cost centre (clinical unit) and activity type
  • Report on activity, interventions, supplies, demographics
  • Further splits on IPA / NIPA, cost centre, location, staff member, discipline
  • More reports to be added


  • Connect to your other patient systems to pre-fill information such as patient name, referral source, etc
  • Import data from your previous allied health system to report historical data

Session Information

  • Session date, time, duration
  • Activity type - clinical care, teaching & training, management, research
  • Sub-activity type - customisable
  • Location - (clinical care only)
  • Receiving cost centre (for non clinical care sessions and sessions with no patients recorded)
  • Patients seen individually or as a group

Patients in attendance

  • Patient
  • Referral
    • Multiple fields - indicator for intervention, referral source, etc
  • Inpatient / outpatient
  • Receiving cost centre


  • Intervention
  • For all patients or one patient in particular (group sessions only)


  • Supply
  • Cost
  • Quantity
  • For all patients or one patient in particular (group sessions only)

Staff in attendance

  • Staff member
  • Payroll cost centre


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