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§ Filters

Allow you to simplify your view of the diary by only showing sessions of a particular status (Pending Submission, Pending Approval, Approved), and by a specific staff member for super users. This is most useful in Approval mode, allowing you to check a specific staff member’s data without seeing everyone else’s.

§ Settings

A number of display options are available here, allowing you to change the granularity of the day view or see the data in a different format entirely. The patient history view can examine an individual patient’s attendances: enter a valid patient number into the text box and click “Patient History”.




Approve a specific session

  • While in the session editor, change the "Editing mode" to "Approval mode".

  • Navigate to the day that contains the session you wish to approve. Use the calendar on the left, if necessary.
  • To filter the session list by status, click the "Filters" link, and select the status from the drop-down menu.

  • Click the session you wish to approve.  If you have any changes to make, follow the instructions on editing a session.
  • When you believe the information is correct, click "Approve".


Approve the entire day

  • Follow the previous instructions for navigating to approval mode and selecting a day.  Filter the view, if you wish.
  • If you have any changes to make, select the session in question and correct the errors.
  • When you believe the results to be correct, click either "Approve Today" or "Approve All Today"

"Approve Today" vs "Approve All Today":

  • "Approve Today" - will approve all 'Pending Approval' sessions with no warning or error message.
  • "Approve All Today" - will approve all sessions including those with 'Pending Submission', 'Pending Approval' with or without warning messages

Can I approve sessions from staff of different disciplines?


Yes, you can approve sessions by all staff members in your reporting unit, regardless of discipline.  Minor Group managers and above will see sessions from all staff members under their jurisdiction, regardless of their cost centre.


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